Inspired by a strong desire to experience peace, I have vacillated between having my attention on issues of social justice and on personal or individual healing. I believe strongly in the balance of learning to embody peace both inwardly and outwardly in order to create a more just and harmonious world.

In the realm of social justice I have helped to train high school and college students to run successful environmental campaigns in coalition with groups like Greenpeace, Rainforest Action Network, and the Sierra Club. I helped to form community coalitions, media campaigns, and street theater around the 1999 World Trade Organization protests and 2000 World Bank and International Monetary Fund protests. Over the years, I have continued to organize and take part in events large and small calling for justice and environmental stewardship.

In 2001-2003 I completed two yoga teachers training’s focusing on anatomy and philosophy. It was here that my passion for embodiment was born as I began to experience personally the realms of my physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual self. Later I went on to finish a Thai massage training in Chiang Mai, Thailand and my massage certification from the World School of Massage in San Francisco.

In 2006 I completed a masters degree from Naropa University’s extension school in Oakland, CA. The program was called the Indigenous Mind and was focused on unearthing the truths of our histories all the way back to the time we lived in indigenous tribes. This work is a reclaiming of what was lost and a healing of wounds and largely informs how I work as a psychotherapist in understanding what has been passed down through our ancestral lineages.

In 2010 I completed a second masters degree in Somatic Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) and am currently a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of California. I teach as an Adjunct Professor at CIIS. I have complete an advanced training in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), a trauma technique aimed at calming the nervous system and releasing the imprint of trauma on the body.

I draw on my training in Somatic psychology, Anusara yoga, massage, and other body practices; all intent upon invigorating the physical and emotional bodies and expanding one’s self-awareness. My studies of numerous spiritualities and work in social change movements serve to broaden my vision and scope of work. I have years of experience working in diverse communities of people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction, survivors of sex abuse, and families exposed to domestic violence. In this time I have witnessed and learned deep compassion, I’ve gained the strength to face unbearable circumstances and I have been gifted the opportunity to witness thousands of miracles on the path to wellness. And, perhaps most importantly, I am inspired to join you on your journey after years of commitment to my own ongoing healing and transformation.

Throughout my life I have devoted myself to both social change movements and to healing work. What I have come to understand is that, for me, investing in social change is about creating peace outwardly. Healing work is about creating peace inwardly. I believe in peace.


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