28 Day Powered By Heart Challenge

In October of 2013, in the days prior to my 39th birthday, I declared that 39 would be my Year of Fear. As you can imagine, I got some funny looks. My intent was to find joy and excitement in facing my fears, but truthfully, it sounded kind of awful even to me. Now that…

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Roller Coaster Fears

Make Fear a Resource: Befriending Roller Coaster Fears

As a therapist I am blessed with the opportunity to witness the great healing that comes from, sometimes, major tragedies. One such moment was with a young girl I’ll refer to as Sara, who survived a life-threatening trauma. In the months following the event, Sara experienced heightened anxiety and we spent many sessions developing body…

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Family Trauma

Transgenerational Trauma

Is trauma genetic? The science says yes. This is an important read to understand PTSD and how some communities or families are more impacted than others. Follow the link to learn more: The Science of Suffering  

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Clear Your Mind

Have you ever wondered what actually happens to your physiology when you meditate? This Harvard study explores our ability to build gray matter in our brain through meditation. Do you want to feel calm and gain focus? Follow the link to learn why it works: Harvard Unveils MRI Study Proving Meditation Literally Rebuilds the Brains…

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all you need is love

All You Need is Love

It seems the Beatle’s were really on to something when they released All You Need is Love. Studies are showing that simply viewing an image that projects a feeling of love allows us to handle perceived threats with more ease. Consider that if you start your day by looking at a picture or video, or even…

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