Finding Feeling

In 2000 I left my home on the east coast, headed west and landed in San Francisco. I left behind my career as an organizer in the non-profit sector and began seeking. I realized that I had been feeling numb for a long time and I wanted to feel connected to myself and my emotions,…

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In the Wake of Tragedy

Today, December 14, 2012, has been weighed down by unthinkable tragedy. A shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. A knife attack at an elementary school in China. It is a reality that is utterly unbearable. And yet, in a world that could allow such tragedy, how do we go on and how do…

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a body in the congo

I step into the courtyard of the HEAL Africa hospital in the Democrat Republic of Congo.  To my right are a group of women sitting idly, sewing bracelets, braiding hair, singing and talking in Swahili.  The bracelets are sold for $1 a piece as a way for women to support themselves during their stay here. …

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