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Embody Exploration

This is a program for Holistic Practitioners and explorers of the physical realms. We study what is called Embodied Anatomy, meaning that we learn the anatomy and development of each system of our body through study and we delve into physical practices that help us know these places from the inside out. This class offers a space for curiosity and play as we explore the awesome reality of who we are and how we came to be.

In this process we:

  • Gain insights into our selves and build on our self awareness
  • Release old, held emotions
  • Develop acumen at drawing on our inner resources

This program is developed in partnership with Melanie Kay Mitchell, MFTI, somatic therapist, healer, dancer, and choreographer.

Embody Exploration

Embody Your Vision

This is a program for entrepreneurs, for visionaries, for those of us wanting to take our innovations into the real world. In this program you will boldly own who you are and claim your vision. You will explore the beliefs that hold you back and tell you no. And you will practice what it is to allow yourself to be filled by your vision, to Embody Your Vision.

In this way you will:

  • Gain clarity
  • Acknowledge and learn to use your blocks as resources
  • Embody your vision so that the next steps emerge that have you bring it to life

Embody Your Vision


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